Heath Evans
Heath Evans
An officer with the Kokomo Police Department faces felony-level charges after allegedly stealing Fentanyl patches from a Kokomo woman.

On March 8, the Howard County Prosecutor’s Office formally pressed charges against Heath Evans, a seven-year veteran of the KPD. The charges include obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or deceit and possession of a narcotic drug, both level six felonies, and one count of theft, a class A misdemeanor. All of the charges stem from an alleged incident where Evans helped fill an individual’s Fentanyl prescription, then took half of it for himself. Later, a urine screen showed the presence of the same drug in the officer’s system.

According to a probable cause affidavit from Howard Superior Court One, filed on March 8, the charges stem from a call Evans was dispatched to on Dec. 22. That day, Evans was sent to respond to a welfare check for an individual only identified as Nancy in Kokomo.

“Nancy stated that Heath Evans entered the residence and began speaking with her,” reads the affidavit. “After a short period of time, Nancy stated that Evans left her residence for a brief period and then returned and knocked on the door. At that time, Heath Evans asked if there was anything further that he could do for her.”

It’s at this point that Nancy told Evans she needed a prescription picked up from a doctor’s office and then filled at a local CVS Pharmacy, and according to the affidavit Evans told Nancy that he would drop off her prescription, and a friend of hers could pick it up.

However, about 30 minutes later Evans allegedly “returned to her residence, entered the residence, and provided Nancy with an unstapled CVS Pharmacy bag.”

The affidavit continues, and Nancy told officers during an interview that she thought the bag’s state was unusual for multiple reasons. For one, the pharmacy bag normally was stapled. Also, the prescription always included two boxes with five Fentanyl patches in each box, but one box was missing.

According to the affidavit, when Nancy questioned Evans about her prescription only containing one box of the patches, Evans told her, “That’s what they gave me.”

After this interaction, Evans allegedly questioned Nancy about how to use the Fentanyl patches. Allegedly, Evans asked her how to put them on and where she places the patches on her body. The probable cause affidavit also claims the officer requested to see Nancy change her Fentanyl patch.

As part of an investigation into the matter, KPD officers allegedly obtained video footage of Evans picking up Nancy’s prescription on Dec. 22 at the CVS Pharmacy, located at Sycamore and Dixon. According to the affidavit, officers also obtained pharmacy printouts of Nancy’s prescription and other information to verify that the prescription was indeed for two boxes of Fentanyl patches.

The affidavit also details an interview with a CVS Pharmacy tech that rang up the prescription the officer picked up in December. The individual confirmed that the prescription was “for two boxes of Fentanyl patches and that she put the boxes in the bag.”

Afterward, attempts made by the KPD detective to meet with and interview Evans resulted in the officer under investigation to refer the detective to his attorney. According to the affidavit, as of Feb. 2 no interview or statement had been obtained from Evans.

However, on Feb. 21 the department received lab results from a urine screen conducted on Evans. This screen allegedly had a “positive verified test for the presence of Fentanyl, a Schedule II Controlled Substance.”

As a result of the investigation, a warrant was issued for Evans on the charges of theft, possession of a schedule II controlled substance, and acquiring by misrepresentation/obtaining by deceit. He was arrested and booked into Howard County Jail at 10:54 a.m., on March 8 and released soon after on a bond set at $10,000. His initial appearance in Superior Court One will be on March 16.