The U.S. Constitution is a remarkably concise document. Even thought it was ratified nearly 229 years ago, it has only been amended 27 times, the last being in 1992. The provisions of the Bill of Rights and the 17th amendment, providing for the direct election of senators, are widely known but over the years others have been proposed. Many of them have not been of the same quality and have not received the approval of the states.

Here is a listing of a few of them:

1. In 1876, abolish the U.S. Senate. Surprisingly this one never left the halls of Congress.

2. In 1876, forbidding religious leaders to hold government office or receive federal funding. 

3. In 1878, replace the office of president with a three-member executive council.

4. In 1893, rename the United States as the “United States of the Earth.” The senator proposing this thought that the U.S. would expand to such a degree that it would eventually encompass the whole globe.

5. In 1893, abolish the U.S. Army and Navy. This was authored by the same senator as the proposal above. If the U.S. was the only nation, what need would we have for a military?

6. In 1894, recognizing God and Jesus Christ as the supreme authorities in human affairs.

7. In 1914, making divorce illegal. There is no information as to what was occurring in the life of the one who proposed this amendment. 

8. In 1916, all acts of war be put to a national vote. Anyone voting in the affirmative was an immediate volunteer. 

9. In 1933, on million dollars as the limit for personal wealth. 

10. In 1936, going to war would require a national vote, a second attempt at ratification. 

11. In 1938, forbidding drunkenness in the U.S. and its territories. 

12. In 1947, personal income tax not to exceed 25%

13. In 1948, giving citizens the right to segregate themselves.

14. In 1971, citizens have a right to a pollution-free environment.

Basta und damit!