Recently, our church started a series on “Dangerous Prayers: Speak, your servant is listening!” On this particular Sunday, I asked God to break my heart with the things that broke his.  I asked him to use me however he needed, even knowing it was going to cost me something (time, energy, money, etc).  

My words were simply….”Speak, your servant is listening.”  This prayer should come with a warning label!  

Apparently God had Porter’s Pals in mind…

In 8 days, our amazing community was able to raise over $24,000 for Porter’s family to purchase a much needed handicap accessible van. To come up with this amount of money was going to take a miracle.  I had difficult talks with God during these 8 days as this was the hardest “ask” so far in my life.  I prayed, but I made sure that I was intentional about listening!  I didn’t want to miss anything that God had to say because there was no way I could do this on my own!  

There were so many profound moments during this fundraiser.  He led us to the right people, the right resources, and the right timing.  Only God could have made this happen.  

But, let me ask you this.  When was the last time you were intentional about listening?  When was the last time that you really took the time to listen to the hearts of others?  If you have a prayer life, when was the last time you really listened to God after praying?  It is our nature to pray routine one-sided prayers. Good relationships are about giving and taking.  Are you only taking?

Have you ever had the nudge to want to help someone?  Have you heard a need within your community, had the urge to help, but didn’t know how to start?  The key is to MOVE!  Don’t wait on finding the right person to lead this task.  Don’t sit back and think about how to do it!  Pray about it and simply MOVE!  If God lays something on your heart to do, he knows how to make it happen and he will pave the way there!    

In my example with Porter’s Pals, I started out with a desire to help.  I prayed about it and said, “God if this is you and this is your desire, I need you to show me.  I need you to give me a burning desire in my soul and I need to know you are in this.”  My next step was posting on social media.  God showed up and started paving the way immediately by bringing in the amount we needed to put the van on hold.  I put my total trust and faith in him and made sure to give God all the glory! 

If you are getting a nudge to move, to be the good in the world, I encourage you to do it!  Don’t just think about it.  Don’t look for the right leader for the job.  If God is nudging you, he wants YOU to lead!  God doesn’t look for resumes or degrees.  He doesn’t look for the righteous.  He doesn’t look for the perfect family or employee.  He doesn’t look just for the churched.  He looks for you.  He loves you. Just the way you are; tattered and stained.  He wants you.    And he wants you to listen and he wants you to move.  God is speaking, but are you listening?  We have work to do and he needs us to listen.