Herald Photo / File
SUMMER FUN  — Pine Lake offers many outdoor activities to pass the time.
Herald Photo / File SUMMER FUN — Pine Lake offers many outdoor activities to pass the time.
For me, I was the youngest in my graduating class, meaning all my friends were either 21 or over, while I’m only 20. Now, as I and the fellow under-agers may know, we dream and fantasize about the day we turn 21, but just because we are unable to go to the clubs with our friends doesn’t mean that we still can’t have fun. 

There are countless activities/hobbies that we can pursue while we’re waiting for the magic numbers to arrive. A major fun and thrilling event to go to is Pine Lake. Pine Lake is one of those places where you’ll have fun no matter if you go with friends, family, or even yourself. 

Pine Lake is located in Berne, Ind., with numerous attractions. There are water slides, a splash pad, a log walk, a cable ride, two-person bobber, rock climbing, and much more, all while being on the lake. 

I remember the first time my family took me when I was younger. It was easily one of the most fun days I’ve had. My family and I packed some lunches, got our beach towels, and stayed out at the lake all day and evening. There’s just so much to do while meeting new people at the same time. 

This is the perfect place to make long-term memories with whomever you go with. The first time I attended I was 12, and ever since then, I’ve been going back every summer. My friends and I went a couple weekends ago, and we already want to plan another day to go back before the summer ends. 

While the car ride there may be lengthy for some, it’s a good way to bond and connect with whomever you may be going with. For instance, on the way there my friends and I stopped at a fast food restaurant and then talked the whole car ride there, allowing us to connect more with each other. 

Not to mention, going to Pine Lake and swimming all day allows you to get a great night’s rest, seeing as how it wears you out. 

The best part about Pine Lake is that it’s cheap, especially if you’re a broke college student like my friends and me are. The admission fee is only $7, and that will last you the whole day. 

Being under 21 may not be as bad as we thought. We just have to enjoy being young and find other fun and fulfilling things to occupy us with until our time comes. So grab your bathing suits and friends/family and head to Pine Lake for some fun and sun.

Visit pinelakewaterpark.com for more details about Pine Lake.