The Kokomo Confectioners Company, located at 207 E. Superior St., in Kokomo across from City Hall, showcases the work of the students from the Kokomo Area Career Center Culinary Arts program.

The students are in charge of creating tasty treats like baked goods and chocolates. Molly Ward developed the concept for the funnel cake cupcake.

“Mrs. (Shelley) Rust gave us the task to be creative with something we found online or something we thought of. I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was out of the box. I brought the idea in, and she said, ‘Of course!’” Ward said. “She assigned me to a group with other people, and they all thought I was crazy. The cupcake is a cinnamon cake. On top is a buttercream icing with cinnamon. We fried up a miniature funnel cake to top it.”