Bona Vista is proud to be a Community Service Provider of the Center Township Trustees Office. In a commitment to provide the best possible service at the least possible cost, community service partners through the Center Township Trustees Office are a big part of that philosophy. The township recognizes that there are not-for-profit service organizations that exceed general expectations, and because they are not-for-profit they can provide those services for less than the township could solely on their own.

Being a Community Service Provider is a wonderful opportunity for Bona Vista Programs, and we are thankful for the support that our Community Connections program will receive through our partnership.

“We at the Center Township Trustee's Office are elated to partner with Bona Vista in the delivery of service to our clients through the Community Connections Adult Day Program to those with significant need. We continue to be sensitive to the basic necessities and quality of life,” stated Dr. Robert A. Lee, Trustee.

Community Connections is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. These individuals generally need intense supervision and are not currently at the level needed to work independently in the community. Bona Vista currently serves over 30 individuals in our brand new location on 1800 S Plate St in Kokomo, and 10 individuals in our Bona Vista Benton Street location in Peru.

Community Connections relies heavily on donations from community members and partners and support through the United Way of Howard County, which is why we are so thankful for this partnership with the Center Township Trustees Office.

The relationship we have established with the Center Township Trustees Office has just begun, and we have already been using their Community Service Building for convenient and local job fairs for those individuals interested in working at Bona Vista.

We are also excited to participate in the upcoming Open House on April 23 at the Community Service Building. Come join us at 213 E. Jefferson Street to learn more about how the Center Township Trustees can assist you, and how can you utilize Bona Vista’s fourteen programs.

Stay tuned for future collaborations!

If you have any questions regarding our community partnership or information regarding either Bona Vista Programs or the Center Trustees Office, please call 765-457-8273 or 765-452-8259 respectively. Follow us on Facebook @Bonavista Programs or Twitter @Bonavista_ for daily updates.