Chris Percival
Chris Percival
Maconaquah School Corporation’s administrative team welcomed a new-yet-familiar face in the 2017-18 school year. Chris Percival, previous Computer Systems Engineer and 2005 graduate of Maconaquah High School, was hired as the corporation’s Technology Director in June.

“It’s an honor to take this position at Maconaquah, which has such a strong reputation of leading the world of technology-based education,” Percival said.

Superintendent Dr. Doug Arnold said Percival is not only “extremely knowledgeable in the technology field,” but he also appreciates “his positive interpersonal skills that he has developed in the Maconaquah Schools.”

“I have never seen Chris Percival without a smile on his face,” Arnold said.

Percival’s journey in technology started with his freshman year at Maconaquah High School. His mother connected him with Judy Off, who was the Cisco teacher at the time, because she knew technology would be a good career path for him.

He took every technology class offered at MHS, and “it took off from there.”

Percival studied Computer and Information Technology at Purdue University Kokomo following MHS. He then took corporate IT jobs in Chicago and Indianapolis, but they required him to work weekends and odd hours, which kept him from his family. Percival emailed his mentor, Judy Off, with hopes of an opportunity at Maconaquah. There were no job openings at the time, so she directed him to a job opening with Logansport Community School Corporation.

“I really enjoyed the school atmosphere,” Percival said. “It’s a family feel. People are out to help each other — not cut-throat, trying to get ahead.”

Percival made the switch to Maconaquah in 2012 as a Computer Systems Engineer and continued learning under Off. While this mentorship previously was centered around technology education, it transitioned into mentorship regarding leadership skills.

“I was able to pick up a lot of things and how she handled situations,” Percival said, adding he observed the trust she had for her employees. “She treated you how you wanted to be treated.”

Arnold said he “knew Judy Off would leave ‘large shoes’ to fill, but Chris Percival has done that very smoothly.”

Percival said the first couple months in his new position have gone well. He said the tech staff has really “stepped up their game” and taken on new challenges.

“Our goals moving forward are deploying technology and programs that promote career and college readiness, STEM careers, and refreshing our infrastructure to meet the demands of today's 1:1 environment,” Percival said.

Percival and his wife Breanna have been married for 10 years, and they have three daughters ranging in age from 2 months old to 9 years old.