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Eliahi (Eli) ben Shaoul Cohen in the year 1960 was living a quiet life of ennui in Israel. Eli was a menial clerk in an insurance office with a wife, Nadia, and three children. He was happily satisfied with his clerical position and with his domestic felicity. But Eli was not an ordinary conventional person. He was fluent in five languages and possessed a prodigious mind capable of remembering in great detail an extraordinary amount of information.
  • Memories of the 1940's and 1950's
    It was In the days of our youth. We were young and foolish. We were in a world of Make Believe. Hoppy, Roy, Gene, The Durango Kid, Bob Steel, Johnny Mac Brown, Sunset Carson, Rocky Lane, Lash LaRue, Don Red Barry, and Lone Ranger are some of our friends which we rode the trails with.
  • The models for Galbreath & Stewart
    There was a early morning mist, in the late spring. The flowers were starting to bloom, and the birds were chirping, their beautiful songs of love. Everyday was spring, while we were young. I remember sitting on my motor scooter, in our backyard. It was 9:00 a.m. in the morning. I had just got off work, at Maher’s Bakery on Markland Ave.
  • Henry, Adolf were mutual admirers
    In our contemporary times, it is very difficult to understand the mind of Henry Ford. Ford and Adolf Hitler had a strange mutual understanding and admiration for each other. Ford was one of Hitler’s most famous and passionate foreign supporters and that involvement began in the 1920’s.
  • Kokomo golf champion, Bill Grant Jr.
    Who is this guy? He is none other than Billy the Kid, of the Kokomo American Legion Golf Club. He has won so many trophies, that it took a U-Haul to bring them to his house. His real name is William Grant Jr., better known to his friends as Bill Grant Jr. To me there is only one Grant. He has won the City Golf Championship, more than once, and to me, is one of the best golfers to hit Kokomo. He gets most of his skills from the great Don Holt, who took Bill under his wings, to make him a champion.
  • The incredulous Karl May
    Karl May (pronounced MY) lived a life of incredulity. Late in his life he became the bestselling German author of all time. May was Hitler’s idol and he owned all of May’s books. Courage and bravery is what May wrote about, and Hitler was so intrigued and enamored with May, that he had May’s books distributed to his troops. Hitler was desirous that the books would inspire and embolden more courage and more bravery among his troops.
  • The most dangerous man alive
    Doc Holliday’s life, if it had not been documented, could not have been imagined. He is today a mythological character who roamed and “exploited” the American West. Books and movies have portrayed Doc as a robust athletic character, but W.B. “Bat” Masterson, who knew Doc well, described him as a “physical weakling who could not have whipped a healthy 15 year old boy.” We must assume the hagiographic depiction of Doc Holliday in films is woefully inaccurate. 
  • Selling taffy in downtown Kokomo
    Here is a picture taken in 1949. The guys were selling water taffy, to go to Camp Tecumseh. The two guys with the hats were Don Johnson and Clayton Farrar. Don is the one wearing ear muffs. Don and I met at the Target, in the Markland Mall. We sat down at the table, in the Luncheon area and talked about the 40’s and the 50’s.
  • What is the French Foreign Legion?
    Would you like to travel, have adventure and see the world with all expenses paid? Then the solution to your wishes is the French Foreign Legion. F.Y.I. The French Foreign Legion is an elite corps of soldiers which was established by order of King Louis Philippe of France on March 9, 1831. It is unique because it was exclusively created for foreign born nationals willing to serve in the French Armed Forces. 
  • The Indiana Theater in mid 60's
    It was in the mid 60’s, when this picture was taken. Uptown Kokomo was losing another theater. The Indiana Theater was in uptown Kokomo, for over 60 years. What a beauty she was. The Indiana was located on the south east corner of Main and Taylor Streets. At night time the marque was lit up like a Christmas tree. Matter of fact the whole block from mulberry to Taylor, was a sight to behold. You could read a book, while walking at night. 
  • Churchill's secret goose
    Early in World War II, even before America became involved in the war, the British “Government Code and Cypher School” (GCCS) had solved the German cypher code. The Germans encrypted their message using an Enigma Machine, a device so complicated and convoluted, that the Nazis had complete confidence that no adversary could ever crack their codes. They were wrong!
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