(I heard Tommy Oaks tell this story several years ago. I hope you enjoy it.)

My uncle Charlie was one of the best hunters around. He used to take only 3 bullets with him when he went into the woods. He said anything more than that was just extra weight to carry around. 

I used to beg Uncle Charlie to take me hunting with him. He finally let me go with him when I was 12 years old. It was just before Christmas, and we were hunting for meat for our Christmas dinner. Uncle Charlie even let me carry the gun.

After a while, I saw a deer over to my left. Taking aim, I fired, but missed badly. With only 2 bullets left, we walked deeper into the woods. 

Suddenly, I noticed a turkey up ahead. Once again, I aimed and fired. Once again, I did not even come close to my target. Knowing I had blown my chance, I handed the gun over to Uncle Charlie. But with only 1 bullet left, what hope did we have to provide some game for our family meal?

We walked some more, and then Uncle Charlie stopped at the edge of a clearing. He had obviously spotted something. Peering around him to the left, I saw a big buck deer that had not yet seen us. Looking around him to the right, I saw an angry bear that had indeed seen us!

What would Uncle Charlie do with the one remaining bullet? Would he shoot the deer for the meat, or would he shoot the bear to protect us?

It turned out that he did neither. Instead, he took out his hunting knife and threw it with all of his might. But he didn’t throw it at the deer. He didn’t throw it at the bear either. He stuck the knife in a tree halfway between the deer and the bear. Then he raised his gun to shoot. But he didn’t shoot the deer. He didn’t shoot the bear either. Uncle Charlie shot the blade of the hunting knife! Half of the bullet went to the left and killed the deer! The other half went to the right and killed the bear!

And that’s not all! The force of the bullet caused the knife to spin up into the air, where it killed and dressed 2 turkeys that were roosting in the tree and 6 ducks that happened to be flying overhead! When it came back down to earth, the knife landed in a stream, where it killed and filleted 6 huge catfish and 4 nice bass!

It turned out to be the best Christmas dinner we ever had!

“We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.”—2 Peter 1:16.

You knew there had to be a point to the story, right?

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