In 1776, when our nation was in its infancy, the population was about 3 million people. Out of those 3 million people came such statesmen as George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and many others that we have studied about in our history books.

Today, our country has a population of over 300 million, and the best we can do is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?!

This presidential election cycle has possibly produced more despair than any that came before it. Both candidates have a lot of people who dislike them and distrust them, with good reason.

People of faith look at Hillary Clinton and see someone who: is a champion of abortion, disdains God’s definition of marriage, suggests a path toward more socialism, has protected a serial sexual offender at the expense of his victims and has failed to do her job to keep American citizens safe.

They look at Donald Trump and see someone who: has a history of disrespecting women, uses foul language, has a problem controlling his temper, seems to be greedy and tends to be boastful and arrogant.

Are these two candidates for president really the best that America has to offer? It saddens many Americans to think that on November 9, we will wake up to find that one of these two individuals has been elected the next president of the United States.

However, let us be reminded of something else that will be true on November 9—God will still be on his throne! God is still ultimately in charge. The Lord has shown that he can work to have his will done in spite of who has earthly power. God worked through unbelieving kings in Old Testament times. God once even spoke through a donkey! (See Numbers 22).

So, do your public duty, and then don’t despair of the outcome. If you can’t find a candidate for president that you really like, then vote for the kind of country you want. Consider what kind of judges you would like to see appointed to the Supreme Court. Thinks about what kind of defense policies you would like to have. Decide whether you favor capitalism over socialism. And remember that there are other races to vote for besides the presidential election.

But when all is said and done, remember this—God is still in charge, and ultimately, his will is going to be done!

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