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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Fifth Third Mortgage Company
Unknown Heirs, Legatees, Representatives, Devisees and Beneficiaries of Janice A. Averill, et al
CAUSE NO. 34C01-1711-MF-01231
    The State of Indiana to the Defendants above names, and any other persons who may be concerned:  You are notified that you have been sued on the Court above named.  The nature of the suit against you is a Complaint for Foreclosure of Note and Mortgage on the following described real estate:
    More commonly known as: 1816 West Alto Road, Kokomo, Indiana 46902
    This Summons by Publication is also specifically directed to the following named Defendants whose whereabouts are unknown to me: Unknown Heirs, Legatees, Representatives, Devisees and Beneficiaries of Janice A. Averill.
    In addition to the above named Defendants being served by this Summons, there may be other Defendants who have an interest in this lawsuit.
    If you have a claim for relief against the Plaintiff arising from the same transaction or occurrence, you must assert it in your written answer.
    You must answer the Complaint in writing, by you or your attorney, on or before 2nd day of March, 2018 (the same being within thirty (30) days after the Third Notice of Suit) and if you fail to do so, a judgment will be entered against you for what the Plaintiff has demanded.
Clerk of HOWARD County Circuit Court
Jessica S. Owens (26533-49)
Caryn Beougher (23887-29)
Susana E. Lykins (34272-49)
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Anselmo Lindberg & Associates LLC
1771 W, Diehl Rd., Suite 120
Naperville, Illinois 60563
Voice: (630) 453-6960
Fax:  (630) 428-4620
Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are advised that Anselmo Lindberg & Associates LLC is deemed to be a debt collector for its respective clients and any information obtained may be used for that purpose.
    Pursuant to Indiana Code 5-11-13, the list below is the name and compensation of each officer or employee in Howard County during 2017.
Aaron, Susan K $14,811.87; Ables, Steven D $15,794.73; Adams, Renae M $11,068.69; Albertson, Charles A $1,076.29; Alcantara,Rachal N $1,228.50; Alexander, Lorraine G $22,376.70; Allen, Curtis D $32,994.26; Allen, Michelle L $33,973.85; Alter, Justin M $40,866.91; Anderson, Dakota L $33,667.99; Andrews, Kent E $29,064.95; Andrews, Peggy M $13,803.38; Arnett, Alan M $2,883.61; Arnold, Steven L $30,950.72; Asher, Jerry L $58,401.92; Atwell, Kimberlee K $30,311.68; Augustine, Kevin L $40,017.58; Ayres, Melody L $3,495.53; Babcock, Bruce E $40,971.69; Bailey, Emily G $459.00; Bailey, Lindsey L $13,151.60; Bailey, Paxtyn R $1,930.00; Baker, Tammy R $32,463.37; Baker, Virginia M $450.00; Baldridge, Roberta A $37,127.71; Baldridge, William A $28,538.25; Baldwin, Joseph F $38,411.13; Baldwin , Sandra K $43,816.99; Baldwin, Tamara K $29,997.63; Baldwin, William R $31,977.64; Banaszak, Louis T $15,414.20; Banush, Angela K $31,497.72; Barber, Rita E $12,185.16; Barnes, Karen M $60,903.96; Barnes, Keri A $35,616.79; Baszner Jr, Robert M $7,024.00; Bates, Gary W $56,503.44; Bates, Judith A $29,997.63; Bauder , Jamie W $10,519.63; Baumfalk, Terry L $11,730.30; Bays, Cheryl L $10,688.30; Beachy, Lee D $28,634.81; Beck, Leslie M $30,311.18; Becker, Holly A $38,950.27; Bernard, Debra K $65,864.97; Berry, Kathryn A $29,248.57; Berry, Rita L $34,997.02; Betts , Paula D $23,037.44; Blackamore, Summer B $1,729.80; Blackburn, Jonathan D $608.31; Bliss, Brianna N $6,718.19; Bliss, Jereme T $38,699.59; Bond, Diana R $1,087.68; Booth, Deborah L $37,539.16; Boruff, Chad M $33,729.80; Bougher, Joshua L $42,595.72; Bougher, Tony L $42,348.46; Bouyer, Steven $5,280.20; Bowland, Donna J $34,203.63; Bowman, Danny E $33,909.47; Brackett, Mark S $36,736.53; Branch, Christie L $36,563.19; Bray, Adam J $32,506.26; Bray, Robert B $23,217.36; Brichford, Sarah L $41,939.18; Brockett, Kevin W $33,387.67; Broman, David A $44,673.55; Brower, Jennifer L $36,889.56; Brown, Brian G $23,730.62; Brown, Jeremiah C $608.31; Brown, Julian K $21,396.24; Brown, Shelly L $9,021.81; Browning, Nellie G $20,414.32; Brubaker, Mark E $30,950.72; Buckalew, Trevor A $335.62; Buckley, Jordan J $53,163.82; Burger, Darlene $6,220.50; Burke, Brandi L $20,783.74; Burton, Connie K $67,227.96; Buscher, Leigha M $53,737.84; Byers, Robin L $50,211.82; Byrum, Stephen B $900.00; Cain, Ted L $62,795.26; Calvert, Jamie R $13,778.92; Camp, Charles G $5,249.80; Camp, Leah M $30,932.53; Campbell, Tammy R $15,459.93; Campbell, Timothy B $38,443.80; Carpenter, Jordan M $45,610.39; Carpenter, McKenzie J $11,222.65; Carroll, Lacy N $270.00; Casler, Trenton L $40,934.38; Cassady, Amy J $31,151.40; Cates Cullison, Mary K $60,957.35; Cauthern, Jennifer M $17,079.11; Cherry, Paul R $50,251.97; Chesshir Jr, Keith A $45,024.36; Christmas, Brittany R $43,812.08; Christmas, Justin M $50,004.10; Clark II, James E $34,518.18; Claxton, Stacy L $6,502.13; Cleaver, Brook E $44,974.61; Cleaver, Tommy E $34,354.53; Cloe, Ryleigh A $13,674.40; Cockrell, Tonda J $4,087.50; Cole, Connie M $25,160.95; Collins, Ray A $14,952.80; Comfort, Linda K $12,822.13; Comfort, Scott D $34,466.67; Conley, Paige E $7,682.52; Connell, Eric E $37,069.80; Conner, Rita J $41,372.13; Conyers, Tracey M $12,202.50; Cook, Connie J $37,539.16; Cook, Gary A $45,563.77; Cook, Gary W $52,011.89; Cook, Jenny L $1,510.63; Cook, Justin T $290.59; Corn, Tammy K $65,629.72; Cox, Anne L $1,206.00; Craig, Douglas A $19,546.39; Cramer, Christopher J $44,967.64; Creason, Jerry D $28,812.74; Cree, Jordan D $32,592.47; Cripe, Todd R $44,173.53; Croddy, Matthew E $4,871.07; Cross, Joseph L $37,754.30; Cunningham, Brian J $18,165.68; Dabrowski, Mark A $45,563.77; Dacons, Jason C $35,467.02; Daily, James J $38,019.78; Dallmann, Janet E $42,408.64; Danenfelser, Heather R $57,796.78; Dang, Yen N $37,548.00; Dauenhauer, Joshua B $4,618.70; Daugherty, Holly A $3,830.88; Davis, Cheryl A $30,311.69; Davis, Cynthia L $27,997.86; Day, Aimee N $23,434.38; Day, Brian D $40,279.91; Dechert, Brent R $52,496.37; Dechert , Craig A $52,496.37; Deem, Lloyd M $40,447.80; Deleon, Eugenio J $36,537.19; Delong, Dustin J $64,953.37; Derrick, Tracey M $53,261.88; Detamore, Kody J $785.29; Dillion, Dwight D $8,433.00; Dolby, Jaqueline S $8,739.00; Doran, Andrew J $27,194.16; Doran, Stephanie C $45,563.77; Dougherty, Andrew J $2,639.81; Douglass, Dustin M $7,806.66; Droke, Steve J $38,346.34; Duddleston, Kyle P $11,778.19; Duff, Nichole L $6,609.97; Duncan, Dave A $42,007.71; Duncan, William D $652.50; Dundas, Denise M $14,051.62; Dunker, Vickie A $3,244.50; Dunkle, Aaron T $11,253.80; Dunlap, Kimberly S $43,122.02; Dupuy, Garbrielle L $7,250.50; Edwards, Lane A $53,737.84; Ege, Michelle L $43,844.68; Egelhoff, Ryan H $6,875.42; Elder, Gail $4,632.93; Elftman, Jeffrey W $52,496.37; Elkin, Matthew  J $52,496.37; Ellison, Leslie W $9,273.00; England, Lisa J $36,256.41; Ennis, Carrie R $2,090.93; Enright, Megan E $48,268.62; Erb, Braxton E $9,825.60; Eutz, Taylora J $4,006.24; Evans, Brent L $38,435.98; Everett, Kristopher P $37,034.36; Everhart, Michael J $39,721.04; Everling, Debra L $30,485.85; Everling, Todd A $46,650.63; Eytcheson, Douglas A $59,996.04; Faulkner, Hayley D $4,472.05; Faulkner, Jeanine R $57,799.23; Feller, Lanell L $16,594.90; Felton, Kimberly D $40,644.80; Fields, Kathy A $7,033.50; Fiscel, Don M $19,638.14; Fiscus, Evan A $9,860.01; Fisher, Adam K $41,635.97; Fisher, Brandon M $46,918.76; Fisher, Emily N $1,750.00; Fitzgerald, Bryan R $66,449.70; Fitzgerald, Stacey K $38,224.34; Ford, Tammy L $1,950.00; Foust, Angela M $30,311.20; Fox Dechert, Amy R $18,014.80; Foxx, Frederick A $12,833.84; Francis, Sally M $60,903.96; Freeman, Pamela J $40,940.02; Fross, Arthur L $34,397.54; Fross, Linda S $30,251.89; Frost, Michael O $15,667.64; Furlow, Maria A $26,382.22; Galloway, Adam R $303.36; Galloway, David L $700.00; Galloway, Sherrie D $43,732.07; Galloway, Tamara L $15,377.50; Galloway, Teresa K $3,775.00; Gammans, Mackenzie A $3,837.22; Garber, Jennifer L $45,094.82; Garber, Melissa R $42,224.68; Gasser, Brandon P $4,708.34; George, Linda K $32,339.54; Gibbs, Michael E $12,755.56; Gibson, Jacob T $46,502.65; Gibson, Pamela L $24,855.85; Gibson-McClish, Mona L $12,660.00; Gilbert, Melissa L $25,414.29; Gist, Gary R $51,524.67; Glassburn, Kimberly A $36.00; Glassburn, Michelle E $33,600.44; Godby, Mason C $3,588.06; Goedeker, Devin $2,229.14; Goerges, Kurt A $24,840.10; Goins, Penny L $33,352.16; Gongola, Staci M $37,533.71; Gordon, Russell A $29,310.81; Gordon, Valerie S $29,299.15; Graham, Joshua D $68,683.44; Graves, Kelsey L $50,540.46; Green, Melinda S $29,482.32; Greer, Carolyn W $11,966.25; Greer Griggs, Dawn C $67,414.99; Griffin, Cheryl A $52,496.37; Grimm, Eric C $65,280.89; Grzegorski, Eric D $40,866.91; Hall, Melissa D $23,528.05; Hamby, Jodie E $35,274.20; Hamilton, Michael C $54,152.24; Hammitt, Jeffrey A $2,941.21; Hardesty, Patricia J $5,164.84; Hargrove, Gregory S $56,803.82; Hargrove, Terri K $30,311.69; Harmon, Brian J $14,813.47; Harness, Blake A $50,303.18; Harness, Orville E $10,738.26; Harper, Kathleen A $2,655.00; Harrigan, Ann $5,350.00; Harris, Cara S $1,341.54; Harris, Deni R $322.54; Harris, Lindsay C $3,903.70; Harris, Michelle A $40,322.41; Hart, Janice L $52,092.36; Hartman, Calvin N $33,230.75; Hawkins, Christopher G $5,934.57; Hayden, Jonathan R $30,428.24; Hayes, Dominique $17,213.75; Heady, Melinda R $52,976.90; Heinlein, Joseph M $6,104.14; Helmer, Stephanie M $26,870.98; Henry, James M $34,511.93; Henry, Megan B $27,718.13; Herring, Ashley N $24,814.11; Higginbottom, Tracy L $32,941.22; High, Hannah K $1,606.00; Hillis, Joseph A $38,596.12; Himes, Megan K $20,030.52; Hinson, Brittani L $5,783.90; Hintz, Ryan E $12,672.12; Hobensack, Sarah R $27,805.62; Hodupp, Kristi A $29,997.63; Hoover, Neal D $33,528.00; Hornstein, Jessie M $861.84; Hornstein, Mark E $350.00; Howard, Diane K $32,746.17; Hudson, Teresa A $30,751.58; Huemmer, Brenda M $32,982.26; Huff, Bradley K $30,876.92; Hughes, Lisa M $30,311.69; Hughes, Tamatha $10,890.74; Hullinger, Marck J $608.31; Hults, Christopher C $1,950.33; Hunter, Jennifer D $5,504.11; Hurt, Mark A $48,591.46; Hyman, Dawn R $35,274.20; Ingram, Lucie $3,176.38; Isaac, Pamela S $45,054.17; Ives, Wayne A $50,263.77; Jack, Jennifer R $13,353.47; Jackson, James R $36,937.31; Jacobs, Stacy L $45,352.87; Jefferis, Ginger J $38,950.22; Jeffers, Mikki K $57,340.51; Jenkins, Tabitha A $7,974.72; Johnson, Chester R $32,693.28; Johnson, David A $36,955.47; Johnson, Jason L $20,969.21; Johnson, Karen K $49,687.10; Johnson, Karen L $33,450.70; Johnson, Laura M $36,997.35; Johnston, April L $44,108.21; Johnston, Matthew W $13,645.80; Johnston, Richard T $35,286.15; Jones, Jimmy D $28,348.47; Jones, Jo E $30,251.89; Jones, Norris G $30,950.72; Jourdan, Kailyn J $351.00; Kakasuleff, Konner J $1,562.00; Kaufman, Paige A $43,015.40; Keegan, Megan M $9,640.50; Keller, Debra R $29,254.56; Keller, Teresa A $30,950.72; Kelley, Torie M $17,123.25; Kelly, Angela J $33,497.49; Kelly, Vickie L $31,413.49; Kendall, Bradley K $38,399.17; Kendall, Robert K $32,196.77; Kennedy, Michael M $32,806.80; Kennedy, Susan M $31,754.58; Kile, Sarah K $27,839.04; Kimm, Leah B $18,412.13; King, Amanda E $10,624.66; King, Tonja J $15,726.48; Kinnett, Hannah M $14,186.34; Kinney, Renee A $56,693.28; Kirby, Kyla R $1,907.73; Kirkpatrick, Jared W $49,369.65; Kirts, Gavin S $3,935.00; Kiser, Barbara J $11,158.97; Klein, Karen D $34,127.69; Kline, Christina M $29,997.63; Kline, Stephen M $57,871.97; Kohl, Justin C $28,087.27; Koon, Morgan E $29,402.56; Koontz, Linda J $800.00; Kordel , Carl M $5,604.00; Krebes, Michael P $40,866.91; Kucholick, Jordan J $40,470.69; Kuntz , Sarah L $31,707.55; Lake, Gregory T $55,995.72; Lake, Martha J $51,596.32; Lane, Beth A $30,311.69; Lauterbach, Stewart E $38,664.35; Leicht, Donald E $45,563.77; Leicht, Joshua E $52,496.37; Leonard, Lisa A $20,799.18; Lidy, Teresa A $33,600.44; Lipinski, Jeffrey S $62,957.12; Lipinski, Marla $12,330.50; Livingston, Michelle L $36,175.79; Llamas, Robert J $41,272.97; Lloyd, Janet L $31,377.70; Long, Elizabeth L $25.00; Long ,Karen L $41,310.96; Lorensberg, Brian D $30,461.21; Lorenz, Deborah J $43,996.56; Lott, Shanna N $4,572.40; Lovall, Jeremie N $53,957.34; Loveless, Marine $22,365.56; Lowe, Tylor A $6,149.40; Lowry, Christy A $29,700.70; Lowry, Jeffrey A $40,866.91; Maas Jr, Thomas C $35,433.10; Macky, Justin E $100.00; Mallaber, Peggy S $34,212.51; Markley, Justin M $67,093.23; Marr, Roy G $47,008.70; Martin, Pamela S $29,997.63; Martin, Timothy A $50,855.80; Mason, Doug E $22,081.72; Masters, Evan T $42,270.07; Matthews, Jacque M $12,651.42; Maus, Steven A $3,632.06; May, Cynthia L $33,197.48; May, Erik J $69,921.03; McCain, James D $17,511.53; McCann, Mark A $6,999.72; McClelland, Scott T $40,866.91; McClish, Christopher R $53,071.18; McClish, Kysha M $47,309.13; McCoskey, Charles A $59,444.43; McCoy, Emilee A $6,574.00; McCoy, Stephen G $37,589.86; McDonald, Anthony N $34,928.43; McDonald, Deanna L $34,505.84; McGee, Galar $28,875.13; McGraw, Michael G $30,759.42; McIntyre, Leta Jane $19,541.27; McKamey, Steven D $52,637.46; McKay, Debbie M $32,649.63; McKay, Ryan M $17,618.70; McKellar, Bruce $38,702.41; McKinney, David A $12,263.43; McLaughlin, Robert S $7,585.20; McMahan, Joshua P $40,866.91; McNeal, Antione $29,499.16; McWhirt, Rex E $38,147.67; Mears, Tami Z $13,447.66; Merrick, Dennis R $21,110.94; Mezick, Keva S $3,973.50; Michael, Maria L $30,751.58; Milburn, Brook J $37,548.00; Miller, Carla K $35,274.20; Miller, Matthew T $1,961.85; Miller, Richard H $9,273.00; Miller, Tabetha L $18,886.67; Misinec, Marcus L $38,344.75; Monroe, Angela L $30,311.69; Moon, Loretta L $43,671.45; Mooney, Benjamin M $41,235.97; Moore, Tyler $23,317.36; Morehead, Markita M $14,154.73; Morris, Donna M $4,242.00; Moser, Stephanie K $26,348.48; Mosier, Christine L $33,497.49; Mossholder, Danny L $37,700.55; Mullins, James D $35,708.12; Mundell, Lorraine G $33,846.96; Munoz, Christopher A $5,121.68; Munsell, Abigail J $10,839.53; Murdock, Sheri A $27,852.31; Murrell, Lawrence R $49,377.04; Myers, Christa L $9,280.50; Myers, Joshua D $43,050.60; Myers, Keith A $50,728.91; Nation, Brian E $5,016.73; Nevils Jr, Francis M $10,818.75; Newby, Matthew S $608.31; Noel, Katherine J $52,496.37; Ogle, Kimberly A $21,251.01; Ogle, Lynda L $9,747.06; Ogle, Michael J $53,276.50; Oliver, David W $23,903.88; Orndorff, Phillip L $13,831.54; Ortman, Stanley E $9,273.00; Ortman, Teri K $34,335.40; Osborn, Fred G $40,866.91; Osborn, Scott E $39,866.34;  Osborne, Nicholas O $46,026.65; Owens, Christopher J $22,892.58; Oyler, Barton J $38,043.10; Oyler, Christine A $30,751.58; Paauwe, Bernardus M $29,928.67; Padfield, Ashley A $9,548.10; Papacek, James T $9,273.00; Parker, Brenda R $5,013.75; Partlow, Kelly R $40,956.05; Partlow, Nadine Y $24,393.70; Parton, Breawna R $6,075.00 ; Pate, Hans S $40,866.91; Pearson, Johna T $2,554.84; Peck, Elizabeth A $28,755.72; Peelle, Jeremy A $40,866.91; Perry, Lacey A $23,908.78; Peterson, Kenneth R $51,866.20; Phelps, Stephen J $19,178.78; Phillips, Yolanda M $29,651.53; Pickard, Charles $37,137.41; Pickard, Lori A $20,851.41; Pickard-Clark, Angela $4,627.00; Pierce, Diana L $32,544.80; Pierce, Marcia A $619.58; Pitcher, Sara E $40,866.91; Pokrzywa, Christa M $30,311.69; Pope, Jon B $31,625.65; Pounds, Shara K $4,313.91; Pratt, Brad A $37,173.38; Pratt, Irma B $32,081.54; Prescott, Aaron J $46,877.17; Price, Jay D $22,856.46; Price, Sandra $2,384.39; Prifogle, Rosalie L $38,496.93; Prifogle, Stephen T $57,649.35; Proffit, Stephanie A $29,959.32; Pruett, Robert J $10,929.43; Pullen, Joseph K $22,294.83; Pullen, Sheila K $48,043.42; Purtee, Tracy R $30,311.69; Pyke, Keegan D $34,189.40; Pyke, Noah L $25,148.79; Rahe, Debra J $40,455.60; Ramer, Adrianne L $22,318.37; Raquet, Steven K $91,731.67; Rawlings, Curt R $45,397.72; Reddersdorf, Ralph W $50.00; Reece, Kirstin S $6,554.14; Reed, Weston M $48,500.47; Reel, Patrick S $39,738.92; Reel, Ryan E $54,976.09; Rennaker, Kari L $35,160.66; Rethlake, Thomas P $40,866.91; Reynolds Nunnally, Deborah E $4,700.00; Richards, Toby T $28,423.47; Richardson, Amanda N $34,416.23; Richey, Kelsey M $2,800.00; Riggle, John M $22,061.22; Rios, Brenda G $46,051.74; Ritchie, Linda M $29,959.32; Roberson, William M $43,917.35; Roberts, John J $9,273.00; Roberts Jr, Charles W $30,454.47; Robinson, Rose L $17,641.06; Rodgers, Richard C $8,275.00; Rodriguez, Joanna M $30,311.69; Rogers, Anthony J $5,174.20; Rogers, Brandi L $4,181.60 ; Rogers, Steven R $108,081.62; Rood, Laura M $52,130.03; Rosselot, Brooke N $37,539.16; Rosselot, Joshua A $46,083.59; Rowe, Ramona M $13,113.26; Rude, Mark A $35,855.54; Rudolph, Zachary L $26,640.18; Rudy, Jessica $33,037.31; Salsbery, Dorothy P $25,280.75; Sand, Leah K $30,997.52; Sardin, Linda M $42,144.44; Scales, Jennifer A $35,274.20; Schindler, Kurt A $35,771.29; Schlechty, Caleb C $10,943.57; Schmidt, Vickie S $26,000.77; Schroeter, Bryar T $7,846.26; Scott, Dannie D $40,245.08; Sebura, Robert S $42,959.30; Seele, Steven J $60,611.46; Sewell, Cynthia D $1,983.75 ; Sexton, Jennifer L $47,996.62; Shaffer, Rodney L $57,812.50; Shallenberger, Carol H $25,769.60; Sharp, Hayden C $2,318.38; Shaw, Cathy J $41,310.96; Shawver, Georgeanne M $68,110.76; Sheely, Lisa R $24,263.16; Shepherd, Bradley B $37,776.26; Shirey, Ernest E $50,314.26; Shirey, Kristi D $46,182.47; Shirey, Tyler E $1,494.13; Shockey, Clifford E $37,061.44; Shockley, Yves L $8,624.24; Shoffner, Jim J $30,251.89; Shoffner, Mona L $30,251.89; Shoffner, Priscilla A $41,367.11; Shrock, Rodney V $52,496.37; Shuck, Kody T $49,312.44; Silcox, Kimberly S $40,269.29; Silver, Katina A $48,389.18; Simpson, Heidi M $41,310.96; Simpson, Marilyn A $11,637.99; Singer Jr, Dwight V $9,273.00; Skinner, Monica L $35,427.92; Small, Brandy M $31,974.68; Smith, Amy L $36,497.15; Smith, Amy R $14,898.83; Smith, Andrea $28,653.34; Smith, Christopher D $6,775.00; Smith, Monte M $18,595.39; Smith, Sarah E $30,973.21; Smith, Stacy L $608.31; Smith, Stephanie M $44,477.76; Smith, Wesley W $8,284.10; Snow, Jonathan K $21,150.55; Sommers, Kristina E $25,992.76; Soupley, Sally I $37,193.92; Sparks, Cristal G $10,906.14; Spoonemore, Barbara S $30,251.89; Spoonemore, Lorri L $32,825.23 ; Sprague, Isaac F $24,828.72; St Clair, Gloria D $31,310.17; Stahl, Holly M $36,204.02; Steele, Alexander J $10,074.39; Steele, Derick W $57,496.37; Steele, Tisha N $43,664.32; Stevens, Jeremy J $52,770.58; Stewart, David N $40,838.40; Stewart, Debra C $40,997.47; Stewart, Roger D $500.00; Stewart, Scott A $41,866.86; Stites, Mary E $6,651.22; Stonestreet, Andrea A $54,725.84; Stonestreet, William P $42,349.84; Stout, Jeffrey A $9,273.00; Stout, Richard L $32,763.61; Strain, Troy E $25,333.49; Summers, Rhonda K $32,252.38; Swaggerty, Lisa D $1,900.00; Swain, Sheila D $14,196.00; Swanson, Jill M $40,357.67; Swick, Mark A $38,098.76; Swinson, Steven R $36,365.40; Taber, Barton M $47,284.81; Tanner, Caily L $403.20; Tedlock, Michael R $32,329.01; Tenwinkle, Megan M $43,258.32; Tetrault, Raymond K $52,946.82; Tetrault, Robin E $32,756.55; Thatcher, Christina L $30,254.04; Thomas, Richard W $29,136.95; Thompson, Jami C $34,110.08; Thompson, Susan $33,497.49; Thompson, Terri R $37,539.16; Tigrett, Zachary D $29,895.89; Tinder III, Joel B $34,823.15; Titus, Jonathan D $17,536.83; Tomes, Steven J $10,748.84; Tompkins, Aaron M $32,355.35; Trenary, Katie E $15,463.78; Tribby, Terry T $55,779.93; Trobaugh, Constance J $15,933.68; Trott, Craig S $757.50; Troyer, Andria R $5,505.50; Tubbs, Terry W $16,442.31; Tweed, Mary C $30,751.58; Tyler, Emily F $23,413.54; Ullery, Wayne M $950.00; Underwood, Joseph N $44,155.17 ; Van Meter, Parker H $3,054.56; Vandenbosch, Andrew J $63,548.45; Vas, Mary T $2,095.00; Vasily, Amber L $1,429.08; Vent, Rebecca R $52,496.37; Vest, James G $45,005.22; Volikas, Ingrid A $26,201.19; Von Reuss, Lynn S $48,088.35; Vondersaar, Jeannie G $32,683.75; Vore, Michael A $11,396.88; Vorhees, Mark A $8,633.67; Waddell, Lynn R $2,947.50; Wagner, Lisa J $14,917.50; Wagner, Trent N $2,417.77; Walker, Angelica A $2,201.30; Walker, Scott O $14,210.00; Waltemath, Ross E $36,468.42; Wampler, Aimee R $30,675.53; Wampler, Stephanie R $9,975.80; Warner, Susan B $30,251.89; Warnock, Billie J $30,751.58; Warren, Richard E $24,528.02; Watkins, Julie L $45,761.82; Waymire, Scott E $52,606.40; Weaver, Farren R $30,201.97; Weaver, Kent W $49,996.39; Weed, Loucretia A $30,251.89; Weed, Nicholas A $4,530.00; Weil Maynard, Lynn M $37,847.24; Weimer, Alan L $44,050.06; Weitzel, Yvonne N $35,665.60; Welker, Jack C $12,579.00; Welker, Jacob E $23,004.00; Welker, Michael M $56,822.89; Welker, Teresa A $32,756.55; West, Michael C $19,733.37; Whisenant, Kenneth D $15,304.79; White, DeGloria A $2,580.00; White, James P $780.00; White, Kayci E $31,497.72; White, Luisa M $51,830.09; White, Sarah E $3,795.00; White, Teresa $5,388.76; White Jr, Thomas P $40,790.41; Whitehead, Donald L $52,508.46; Whitehead, Donald L $12,049.59; Whitfield, Adam C $46,679.66; Whybrew, Matthew K $105.46; Wickey, Elizabeth A $4,015.60; Willey, Jacob A $42,076.43; Williams, Brittnie L $26,353.67; Williams, Jeffrey A $20,062.71; Williams, Jerry L $22,262.19; Williams, Raymond W $38,234.36; Williamson, Patrick $30,742.90; Willis, Julie M $31,685.21; Wilson, Alan D $41,518.09; Wilson, Dana R $10,549.38; Wilson, Elizabeth $11,368.50; Wilson, Kimmerly J $56,016.04; Wilson, Lynette S $32,756.55; Wilson, Michelle L $751.84; Wilson, Richard L $29,345.94; Windsor, Karen E $2,716.29; Winger, Curtis L $33,597.95; Wisner, Kyle M $47,197.81; Wohlford, Julie A $30,009.99; Wohlford, Matthew L $37,239.28; Wolf, Amanda J $29,602.36; Wolfe, Deborah R $4,833.08; Woodall, Joshua W $50,322.56; Wright, Michelle L $30,409.54; Wyman, Paul G $23,267.36; Yeakel, Cody A $30,311.69; Yeo, Logan J $608.31; Yocom, Penny D $36.00; Young, Susan G $33,984.08; Zent, Don P $25,220.00; Zimmerman, Brooke $1,843.06; Zimmerman, Ezekiel S $44,543.64; Zurcher, Konny K $34,278.69;
Total: $19,847,240.53
Total Number of Employees: 687
    I, Martha J. Lake, hereby certify that the names and compensation of officers and employees as listed herein are correct and complete and it included all officers and employees of Howard County, Indiana.
Martha J. Lake
Auditor, Howard County
Combined Notice
Notice to Public of No Significant Impact on the Environment and 
Notice to Public of Request for Release of Funds
Howard County
220 North Main Street
Kokomo, Indiana 46901
    On or about January 7, 2018, the Howard County, will request the release federal funds from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) for Community Development Block Grant Funds from the State of Indiana under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (P.L. 93-383) for the following project:
Howard County, Wastewater Improvement Project for New London
    This project will abandon the existing wastewater treatment plant located in New London and redirect wastewater flows from New London to Russiaville. The project will construct 1.5 miles of directionally drilled 4-inch diameter force main, rehabilitation of two existing pump stations in New London and abandonment of the existing WWTP. All construction activities will be confined to previously disturbed areas by the county road right of way, existing lift stations and the existing WWTP in New London. 
Finding of No Significant Impact
    It has been determined that such request for release of funds will not constitute an action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment and accordingly the above named Howard County, has decided not to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (P.L. 91-190).  The reasons for such decision not to prepare such statement are as follows:
    All preliminary environmental reviews by state and county agencies indicated that the proposed project would not endanger the environment under any capacity.
    An Environmental Review Record regarding the proposed project has been made by the above named Howard County, which documents the environmental review of the project and more fully sets forth the reasons why such statement is not required. This Environmental Review Record is on file at the above address and is available for public examination and copying upon request at the Howard County Admin. Center, between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. No further environmental review of such project is proposed to be conducted prior to the request for release of funds.
Public Comments of Findings
    All interested agencies, groups, and persons disagreeing with this decision are invited to submit written comments for consideration by the Howard County to the Howard County, 220 North Main Street, Kokomo, IN 46901. Such written comments should be received by January 6, 2018. All such comments so received will be considered and the Howard County, will not request the release of federal funds or take any administrative action on the proposed project prior to the date specified in the preceding sentences.
Release of Funds
    The Howard County, will undertake the project described above with Community Development Block Grant funds from the State of Indiana under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. Howard County, is certifying to the State that Howard County, and Paul Wyman, in his official capacity as the Board of Howard County, Commissioner President consents to accept the jurisdiction of the federal courts if an action is brought to enforce responsibilities in relation to environmental reviews, decision making, and action; and that these responsibilities have been satisfied. The legal effect of the certification is that upon its approval the Howard County, may use the Block Grant funds and the State will have satisfied its responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.
Objections to State Release of Funds
    The State will accept an objection to its approval only if it is on one of the following basis: (a) that the certification was not in fact executed by the certifying officer or other officer of applicant approved by the State; or (b) that the applicant’s environmental review record for the project indicated omission of a required review process. Objections must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the required procedure (24 CFR Part 58) and may be addressed to the OCRA, Environmental Specialist, One North Capitol, Suite 600, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2027.
    Objections to the release of funds on basis other that those stated above will not be considered by the State. No objections received after January 22, 2018 will be considered by the State.
Paul Wyman
The Board of Howard County
Commissioner President
    Notice is hereby given that the Howard County Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Hearing Room (No. 101) at the Howard County Government Center, 120 E. Mulberry St, Kokomo, Indiana 46901. A portion of the agenda is as follows:
    Case 3-CV-18: The petition of Ryan & Michelle Gilbert requesting a Variance to HCZO Sec. 5.03(0)(1) in order to construct an accessory building (barn) 5’ from the rear property line in an AG (Agricultural) zone, on property described as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of the Southwest Quarter of Section 12 , Township 23 North, Range 2 East; thence N 00° 14’ 30” (assumed bearing) 1092,75’ along the west line of said Quarter Section; thence South 89° 15’ 28” E 1324.14’ to the southwest corner of Deed Record 242 , page 1657, said corner being the Point of Beginning ; thence N 00° 15’ 21 “ E 242.22 feet along the west line of said Deed Record to a set PK Nail with washer; thence S 89° 53’ 08” E 356.54 feet to a set capped rebar; thence S 00° 26’ 04” W 121. 76 feet to a set capped rebar; thence N 89° 37’ 44” E 192.31 feet to a set capped rebar; thence S 01 ° 30’ 24” W 128.11 feet to the south line of said Deed Record marked by a set PK Nail with washer; thence N 89° 15’ 28” W 545.68 feet along the south line of said Deed Record to the Point of Beginning, containing 2.550 acres, and being subject to all easements and rights-of-way; Monroe Township, Russiaville, Howard County, Indiana, at 6704 West 180 South.
    At said time and place, all interested persons may be heard.
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
7:00 p.m.
    Notice is hereby given that the Howard County Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Hearing Room (No. 101) at the Howard County Government Center, 120 E. Mulberry St, Kokomo, Indiana 46901. A portion of the agenda is as follows:
    Case 2-CV-18: The petition of Adam & Megan Massey requesting a Variance to HCZO Sec. 5.03(D)(3) to locate an accessory building (greenhouse) in a front yard; and a variance of 25’ to Sec.5.03(D)(1) in order to construct an accessory building 5’ from the side property line in an AG (Agricultural)) zone, on property described as Part of the west Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 20, Township 23 North, Range 3 East, described as follows : Beginning at the southwest corner of said northeast Quarter of Section 20 marked by a ¾ inch diameter iron rod; thence N 00° 26 ‘ 11 “ E (assumed bearing) 20.00 feet along the west line of said Quarter to the southwest corner of a parcel described in Deed Record 248, page 3093 marked by a magnetic nail with aluminum washer stamped “FIRM 0047” (hereafter referred to as “mag nail”); thence N 89° 46 ‘ 11” E 544.50 feet along the south line of said parcel to the southeast corner thereof marked by a 5/8 inch diameter rebar with orange plastic cap stamped “FIRM 0047” (hereafter referred to as “rebar”) ; thence N 00° 26’ 11” E 160 feet along the east line of said parcel to the northeast corner thereof; thence S ag 0 46’ 11” W 544. 50 feet along the north line of said parcel to the west line of said Quarter marked by a mag nail ; thence N 00° 26’ 11 “ E 157. 33 feet along said west line to the southwest corner of a parcel described in Instrument Number 1534007452 marked by a mag nail; thence N 89° 41 ‘ 58 “ E 1339.35 feet along the south line of said parcel and its extension to the east line of the west half of said Quarter marked by a rebar; thence @ 00° 23’ 19” W 337.33 feet along the east line of said Half to the southeast corner thereof marked by a post; thence S ag 0 41 ‘ 58” W 1339.63 feet along the south line of said quarter to the point of beginning , containing 8.37 acres, more or less, subject to highway right-of-way; Harrison Township , Russiaville, Howard County, Indiana, at 3496 South 450 West.
    At said time and place, all interested persons may be heard.
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
7:00 p.m.
To: the unknown heirs, devisees, assignees, or successors of Wanda M. Cross
    Pursuant to the provisions of Indiana Code 6-1.1-25-4.5, as the owner of the real property described below or the person with a substantial property interest of public record in the real property described below, you are hereby notified of the following:
    The following described tracts or real property in Howard County, Indiana, were sold by the Treasurer of Howard County, Indiana, for delinquent taxes and/or special assessments on October 13, 2017, to Delmar Cannon, Sr., hereinafter referred to as Purchaser, subject to the right of redemption:
    Street Address or Common Description:  1114 Morningside Dr., Kokomo, IN 46901
    Key Number or Property ID#:  34-03-26-430-008.000-002
    Brief Legal Description:  LAFAYETTE PARK S/D SEC 1 LOT 21
    The tracts or items of real property have not been redeemed.  Any person may redeem the tracts or item of real property.  The period of redemption expires on October 15, 2018. The purchaser, or the purchaser’s successors or assignees, is entitled to reimbursement for any additional taxes or special assessments on the tract or item of real property that were paid by the purchaser, or the purchaser’s successors or assignees, subsequent to the tax sale, lien acquisition, or purchase of the certificate of sale, and before redemption, plus interest.  The purchaser or the purchaser’s assignee is entitled to reimbursement for costs described in Indiana Code 6-1.1-25-2(e).
    The total amount of money required for the redemption of the tract or real property is provided in Indiana Code 6-1.1-25-2.  The components of the amount required to redeem the property are: one hundred ten percent (110%) of the minimum bid for which the tract or real property was offered at the time of sale, as required by IC 6-1.1-24-5, if the tract or item of real property is redeemed not more than six (6) months after the date of sale, or one hundred fifteen percent (115%) of the minimum bid for which the tract or real property was offered at the time of sale, as required by IC 6-1.1-24-5, if the tract or item of real property is redeemed more than six (6) months but not more than one (1) year after the date of sale; the amount by which the purchase price exceeds the minimum bid on the real property plus five percent (5%) per annum on the amount by which the purchase price exceeds the minimum bid on the property; all taxes and special assessments upon the property paid by the purchaser after the sale plus five percent (5%) per annum on those taxes and special assessments; the following costs, if certified before redemption to the county auditor on a form prescribed by the state board of accounts, that were incurred and paid by the purchaser, including the attorney’s fees and costs of giving notice under Indiana Code 6-1.1-25-4.5 and the costs of a title search or of examining and updating the abstract of title for the tract or item of real property; all taxes, special assessments, interest, penalties, and fees on the property that accrued and are delinquent after the sale; and the amount held in the tax sale surplus fund.  You may contact the Howard County Auditor for the exact amount required for redemption or for further information regarding this sale.  
    A petition for a tax deed will be filed on or after October 15, 2018.  Purchaser intends to petition for a tax deed to be issued on or after October 15, 2018. The purchaser or purchaser’s assignee is entitled to receive a deed for the tracts or items of real property if it is not redeemed before the expiration of the period of redemption.  If these parcels are not redeemed and the tax deed is issued, the owner of record at the time the tax deed is issued may have a right to the tax sale surplus, if any.
    Dated:  January 4, 2017
Law Office of Eric D. Grzegorski, 2704 S. Goyer Rd., Kokomo, IN 46902 (765.453.9600)


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