WE R One (a multiethnic group that assists local charities) held a pitch-in dinner at St. Andrews Episcopal Church on July 18th. Our speaker for the evening was Lindsey Davison, Director of the Domestic Violence Shelter in Kokomo. What transpired also inspired all of us, and is worth sharing with the whole community.

In preparation for our August fundraiser for the Shelter, Lindsey described the programs at the Shelter and detailed their needs. After she spoke, I reminded everyone that the little jars on the tables were for donations. That’s when the surprising and inspiring moment occurred. A gentleman member from Kokomo Islamic Center said, “Domestic violence is not just a local problem. It’s a worldwide problem.” Then, he added, “The Islamic Center will donate $500.00 to the Shelter.” Everyone applauded. Lindsey instantly teared up, and before she could catch her breath, a second gentleman from the Islamic Center said, “I will match the Islamic Center’s donation with another $500.00.” At that point, Lindsey “lost it,” everyone choked up and burst into applause. 

When the meeting ended, it was particularly interesting to see that the donation jars which usually collect $15.00 to $25.00 jumped to over $140.
It is abundantly clear that good prompts good, generosity prompts generosity, and love prompts love. 

We R One’s “official” fundraiser for the Shelter will be a huge bake sale, August 12th, 5 – 9 PM in St. Andrews Church parking lot, across from Foster Park where popular bands will be playing that evening. Everyone is welcome to participate in the baking and the sale. 

I just wanted to share this wonderful story. 

Othello Bach 
Kokomo, Ind.