Jonathan Newton is the new pastor at First Friends Meeting of Kokomo.  Gary Jones, who retired in July, served as pastor of First Friends Meeting for the past five years.  

My wife Jessica and I have found Kokomo to be a fantastic place to raise our 2 boys (Oliver, 6 and Rex, 3 and another boy on the way). Many generations of Newtons have called Kokomo home, so it's good to be back in a community with familiar faces and places and so many great memories. Our goal is to help improve this community we have grown to love. We believe one of the best assets this community has for improving itself is the local church. 

My focus is on gathering together the people who have left church because they found it unloving, irrational, close-minded, judgmental, hypocritical or otherwise spiritually dead. My message is that there is a better way to do church, a simpler way without all the rules and nonsense. 

I would like to invite you to First Friends starting on August 6th for a sermon series about this different way of following Jesus. The series called 'Axioms: a series for skeptics, doubters, sinners and saints' and will focus on how it is possible be rational, reasonable, love science and still have faith. 

Grace and Peace,