I will miss seeing the Obama family in the White House.   Mrs. Obama and her girls are beautiful women and the gowns and dresses they often wore showed to the world how much they valued womanhood.   President Obama obviously loves his wife and daughters and has done a good job of portraying manhood.  I know how very important it was to my friends with darker skin than myself to have someone in the White House who “looked like them.”   Since adopting a child with darker skin than mine in 1995 I have understood how important appearances can be to a sense of belonging.

However, when President Obama decided not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and instead redefined holy matrimony he hurt all of us.   The thoughts and actions of someone are far more important to me than someone’s looks. President Obama looked good but he promoted lifestyles destructive to our children’s well-being.    Ask the Red Cross if homosexuality is a healthy lifestyle. Every time I give blood I have to wade through a ton of questions about homosexuality.   Why does President Obama and the NAACP see behavior discrimination the same as physical appearance discrimination?

A lot of people are afraid right now.  They are very sad that President Obama is no longer the President.  There are provocateurs telling people they are not going to be allowed to vote since Trump is now president. 

That is a problem we can take care of locally.   NO one who is a registered voter in our county should not be permitted to vote.   NO one who is a citizen of the U.S. and a resident of Howard County should not be allowed to register.   Please let myself or someone at this newspaper know if that happens.   We need specifics so that problems can directly be solved rather than more and more rhetoric about the problems.

There are provocateurs telling people that groups are going to discriminate against people and that Trump is going to return us to the bad old days.   Unfortunately our city council has followed President Obama’s lead and pushed for stifling free speech rather than encouraging young people to lead healthy wise lives.   More laws are not the answer.  

Civil discourse and gatherings of people to get to know each other are the answer.  Church and community leaders please lead by example.

Very Sincerely,
Ann Ihms
Kokomo, Ind.