Hoosiers are invited to join students, county historians, Mennonites, Catholics and others to attend Indiana Indian Day to apologize to Native American Indians on Saturday, April 22, in Rochester, Ind. The apology is especially directed toward two tribes who were driven out of Indiana at gunpoint: the Potawatomi in September 1838 on what is now called the Trail of Death and the Miami in October 1846. Members of both tribes will attend this event in Rochester to tell their stories.

All are invited to St. Joseph Catholic Church, 1310 Main Street, Rochester, at 2 p.m. on April 22.

Because the Potawatomi were marched at gunpoint down Rochester’s Main Street, Father Mike McKinney will bless the street and reclaim it for peace.  There were 42 deaths among the Potawatomi as a result of drinking creek water that spread typhoid fever.

As the Fulton County Historian, I have asked Governor Holcomb to issue an official apology for the forced removals mandated by the state.  Kansas apologized to the Native American Indians in 2013 and Congress in 2010.

See www.potawatomi-tda.org for information about the Trail of Death.

Please join us April 22.

Shirley Willard
Rochester, IN