You may or may not recognize me from a handful of stories in the Kokomo Herald regarding my weight loss journey. If not, let me briefly explain. 

On January 2016, I was 34 years old, over 650 pounds, unable to walk, slept on a mattress that laid on cinder blocks in my living room, and was unable to leave my home to seek medical care. 

Have any of you heard or seen the popular weight loss surgery show on a cable network channel? I was desperate to save my life and auditioned for that show shortly after January 2016. 

Maybe that show or rather its participants disgust you? Perhaps you feel sorry for them? Maybe you are in the category of those who have not watched it? 

I’m so thankful and blessed that help for me was right here in Kokomo! I didn’t have to go bare myself on national TV. 

You must know, the producer was captivated after interviewing my husband and I. She thought we were perfect and that my personality was “sparkling.” 

After background checks, we were sent the contract. It stated that we were required to live for two and a half years in Texas! To leave our family, friends, sell our home, my husband leaving his job and be 19 hours away, seemed like an awfully hard decision to make. It honestly didn’t seem like it was feasibly or financially possible. However, my life was hanging in the balance. 

We prayed fervently about it. God answered prayers in ways that we still cannot believe. Low and behold, my family physician, Dr. Martha Hoshaw, came to my home and stated she was making plans to help me. 

It has now been a little over 2 years and I’ve had so much support. I’ve lost over 275 pounds. It has taken a team of earthly angels, hard work and many answered prayers. I’ve had the best family physician, mental health counselor, physical therapists, physical trainers and dietitian. 

I was gifted weight loss shakes, including the sweetest nurse, a meal team led by Shirley Davis with church members from First Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene. 

I have the best bariatric surgeon, Dr. Margaret Inman, psychologist Dr. Creel, Dr. Jeffrey Bennett and staff who helped give me a healthy smile. Most recently cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Paul performed the removal of lymphatic mass on my left leg and last, but certainly not least, some faithful family and friends. 

I’m evidence that you can have the most exceptional care and support that you need from our community right here. I was able to maintain what little dignity I had left and not be a participant on that TV show. 

I want to end with this. God is eagerly awaiting for the chance to answer your prayers. Just give it to God, trust in Him and believe. Thank God we did. 
Gabby Anderson is a blessed wife, previous graduate of Ivy Tech Kokomo and IUK, working on reconstructing her body and mind and looking forward to what her future holds.