I would like to thank the YMCA family of employees for making my daughter feel very special. Johna is special needs She is intellectually and developmentally delayed. She celebrated her 25th birthday recently. She had been telling everyone at the Y for months over and over again. They all always listened to her with great intent and interest. Even though they heard it a thousand times already. When we walked in there were at least eight employees singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. There was a huge birthday banner on the front desk. There were several gifts on a table. There were balloons and candles for the cupcakes. Sandy is the employee Johna has become particularly close to. Sandy had arranged the whole event for her. She had a tiara for her to wear. We took a lot of pictures and had such a great time. I feel very Blessed to have such an incredible group of people at our Y. They went above and beyond to make Johna’s 25th birthday such a special time. Thank you to Sandy, A.J., Brittany, Jessica, Paul, Chuck, Lauren and all the other employees. You are such compassionate, caring and loving people. Thank you.

Daphne Baxter
Kokomo, Ind.