Herald Photo / Slater Young
UPWARD  — Josiah Price continues to push to make his NFL dream a reality.
Herald Photo / Slater Young UPWARD — Josiah Price continues to push to make his NFL dream a reality.
Greentown-native Josiah Price, who made his way to Michigan State University in 2012 and ended up making his name known nationally, is about to make his professional football career happen. 

Since his graduating from MSU in the fall of 2016, Price has been dead-set on making his NFL career come to fruition. 

Over the course of the past two months, Price has been preparing in Bradenton, Fla., at the IMG Academy in their football training program. During the program’s tenure, Price sharpened and improved the skills that will be necessary to test well during his College Pro Day Showcase. Price and 12 of his Spartan teammates will participate in the showcase come March 22.

“We hit the ground running pretty quick,” said Price in reference to the IMG Academy. “The process I went through wasn’t something crazy like two-a-days; it was just preparing to ace the Pro Day tests. Everyday you’re just working on the 40-yard dash, shuttles, cone drill, vertical jump, broad jump, and the bench.”

Though his training seemed somewhat monotonous compared to what he endures during the season, Price was able to learn from well-experienced, tight-end coaches while down south. Price worked underneath former NFL tight end, Anthony Becht, who played in the NFL for 12 years. 

“I had on the field workouts with a guy named Anthony Becht who coaches tight ends and played in the NFL. We would work on the field about three times a week for about an hour-and-a-half,” said Price. “Coach Becht was able to give me a few pointers technique-wise, footwork-wise, and just a couple of things that he was doing in the league that kept him there for more than 10 years.”

Aside from all things physically related to football, Price had the opportunity while at the IMG Academy to sharpen his mental game as well. While there he learned about the NFL lifestyle, what it takes to make a roster and stay there for a while, and how to impress the team during a workout. 

As for what Price expects to get out of the College Pro Day, he will seek an opportunity to connect with some coaches during the week of the showcase and try to secure invitations to visit some NFL clubhouses. 

“Overall, I’m just looking forward to getting the test over with. I’m tired of not focusing on the game of football and having to worry about some 40-yard dash. I’m ready to start worrying about blocking, running routes, and making plays. I’m just ready for this process to get rolling and start meeting with teams, scouts, and coaches and just figure out where my future home is going to be and then make the roster,” said Price. 

As for the immediate future, Price is headed back to East Lansing where he will start conversing with coaches and scouts from different teams prior to showcasing for the Pro Day.