Herald Photo / File
TEAMWORK  — IU Kokomo Head Coach Matt Howard and Assistant Coach Joe Thatcher speak at a game in 2015 when Howard was interim manager of the Jackrabbits.
Herald Photo / File TEAMWORK — IU Kokomo Head Coach Matt Howard and Assistant Coach Joe Thatcher speak at a game in 2015 when Howard was interim manager of the Jackrabbits.
With another season of high school baseball under wraps, the Cougar Baseball Camps will offer two developmental sessions this off-season. Both will be offered for those graduating in classes 2018 through 2021. 

The first developmental camp will take place Sept. 3 at Kokomo Municipal Stadium (400 S. Union St). Those who are looking to participate in the instructional prospect camp may register for an early bird discount for as low as $68 until the July 31 deadline. Those who did not register prior to July 31 will have the option to register until Aug. 31 at an increased cost. 

The camp will be divided into two sections. Those who are position players, such as infielders and outfielders, will attend from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pitchers only will participate in the showcase from 2 to 5 p.m.

This camp is directed toward high school athletes who would like to showcase the skills they have, all while receiving inside knowledge from collegiate coaches and former professional players. 

“With this being the second camp that we’re putting on, we took a lot of feedback and used that to help enhance this camp. The big thing that we did at our last camp that a lot of people seemed to enjoy was we did a lot of teaching. I hope this will be a good opportunity for guys to learn, be seen, and hopefully get a little better as a player,” said Cougar Camp Organizer Matt Howard.  

Howard is currently the head baseball coach for the Indiana University Kokomo baseball team. Howard will have his staff of Joe Thatcher and Zachary Hall accompanying him alongside other collegiate-level coaches during the prospect camp. 

Like most camps, the event will start off with the core 60-yard dash. Afterward, players will showcase their outfielding, infielding, and catching skills. Following the showcase, Howard and his team will discuss defense and what it means to become a strong defender. After the defensive breakdown, the group will discuss offense, immediately followed by batting practice. 

To wrap up the day for infielders and outfielders, the players will play a 90-minute simulated game where coaches and players will give and receive feedback to help improve their game. 

“I think it helps tremendously for guys to be able to see our program and how we go about our business. For the players, anytime you get the chance to be in front of college coaches and learn it is definitely a huge asset for those guys. Even if these guys aren’t interested in IU Kokomo, I think it’s good for them to get comfortable with being in front of coaches and showcasing their best,” said Howard. 

During the pitcher’s camp, players will spend about the first hour of their time discussing philosophies, arm care, conditioning, and what coaches look for in recruits. Pitchers then will move onto the throwing. There will be bullpens, pitcher’s fielding practice, mental approach, and controlling the game stations from 3 to 5 p.m. 

“The thing that really separates this camp from any other is that we believe that not only should the kids showcase what they have, but the coaches should also showcase what we know. We want to teach and help these guys become better players,” said Howard. 

For those who would like to register for the camp, or those who would like more information, visit www.totalcamps.com/cougarbaseballcamps.