Felix the Cat is the oldest recognized mascot in the state of Indiana and graduates of Logansport High School have always taken a lot of pride with the uniqueness that Felix brings to the rich history of LHS. There are a few versions of how this famous feline came to fruition through the years. 

According to the 1941 Tattler, “In 1926, Coach Cliff Wells presented a little red and black cat to Raymond “Curly” Hupp. Immediately, this stuffed feline was christened, Felix.” For several weeks, Felix was held captive in a gym locker. But one evening, when an important game was going badly, Felix was taken from the locker and placed in the center of the floor. The Berries were victorious, and thus Felix became our mascot and the first ‘official’ basketball mascot in Indiana.”

Another version that is much more detailed was told by Ralph “Red” Tucker in 1996. Tucker played for Wells and with Hupp.ImageAccording to this story, the date was March 31, 1926, and sixteen members of the Logansport High School basketball team were on their way to a post season banquet at the Barnes Hotel in downtown Logansport. Accompanied by their coach, Cliff Wells, they were entering the hotel when they spotted a small stuffed cat made of oilcloth in a store window.  

This replica of Felix the Cat was in Logan’s school colors, red and black, and immediately won the admiration of the team. Coach Wells purchased it right then and there. The cat spent the evening with the team in the Rose Room of the Barnes Hotel for the banquet, which was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Harrington. 
Tucker’s story was recently validated by Curly Hupp’s daughter, Nancy (Hupp) Wallis of the class of 54’.
Felix did not make it onto the floor until the 1926-27 season, Tucker and Hupp’s senior year. After Felix made his first appearance, thanks to Curly, he was often brought to the floor in later games that season by LHS cheer leader Henry “Hank” Muckenfuss. 
Felix had been replaced six or seven times. The last stuffed Felix figure to be placed out on the floor is now housed in the Cass County Historical Museum.

Felix IV was submitted to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Museum in New Castle in 1986, where he is on display today. 
Though still highly revered, the figure has given way to a live version of Felix who interacts with fans, dances on the floor, and enlightens children and adults alike. A community fundraiser was held in 2000-01 to purchase a new Felix costume. The new costume was unveiled to Berry fans during Felix’s 75th Birthday Celebration on Jan. 19, 2001.

Courtesy of Logansport High School