In another first for the City of Firsts, Kokomo Municipal Stadium will host the first fastpitch competition on the field this weekend. We asked a few local softball coaches, “How positive of an impact is the 14U tournament to be held at KMS to the Kokomo Community and the softball community?”

"I think that having an opportunity to play at KMS is a huge opportunity for my girls. Since the opening of the stadium the girls have had opportunities to go on the field before games with the Jackrabbits. However, playing on a big field and having their name on a scoreboard is what these girls dream of … This is a dream come true for many of these young girls." - Tony Ayers, 14U Howard County Thunder Head Coach

"It’s a very positive impact. It gives our girls in the younger brackets a reason to work hard, to get to play in a tournament like this. If it was held at a regular baseball field or softball field, it’s just another weekend tournament … Softball is no longer a side sport that no one cares about. It’s becoming more and more popular, and given this chance to play in a stadium, they get to shine in the spotlight." - Jason King, youth softball coach

"I absolutely think this is a wonderful thing for the Kokomo community. The stadium is a wonderful display of what Kokomo is about. It’s a great venue. With that, some kids who may not have been exposed to softball may become interested in it and sign up for our local leagues." - Mike Susong, Kokomo High School Varsity Softball Head Coach

"They are playing baseball, soccer, and kickball in the stadium (currently). I’m so excited to see softball being played there. There is a lot of good softball players in this county! What a great way to encourage their dreams to not only see softball played in this great stadium but to see 13 and 14-year-old kids out there competing. " - Lisa Tate, youth softball coach

" I think it gives the younger girls something to look forward to. I feel like it gives them motivation to get into the sport at a younger age and get better. Just another family fun event for all ages and it’s a great time. " - Nick Wettling, youth softball coach