We caught up with Katie Suter,  a third grade teacher at Lafayette Park Elementary International School, and some of her students this week. We asked them “Why is community service important?”


"It’s important for the kids to give back to the school. We’re hoping as they travel around the school and see other kids doing things that might not be appropriate that they’ll stop them and say, ‘I worked really hard on that, and I want to take care of it.’ We want them to be proud of the building they have, and we want them to take ownership.

This goes along with our learner profile of caring. It’s the one we’re studying now, our IB Learner Profile. We’ve been talking about ways that one person can make a difference, how the kids can change the world a little bit at a time. They’ve been writing about it and reading about it. It’s an exciting time for us." ~ Katie Suter, third grade teacher at Lafayette Park


"To help people clean up and so our town is clean. I liked painting the benches. Our school will be clean, and other people can be happier. " ~ Ava Federspill, third grade


"I think it helps people. We were painting a table, decorating it. It’s helping our school and making it cleaner so nobody thinks that we have a dirty school."~ Miles Cunningham, third grade


"Mostly to help other people out and do it as a team and not argue and do it for money. I mean, it’s a lot more fun when you do it as a team and have fun doing it." I liked moving the mulch. I moved at least 30 to 40 wheelbarrows. I’ve been here basically my whole life. The teachers have watched me grow up. There are a lot of great people here. They did so much for us, so we need to help out and do them a favor." ~ Hayze Herron, fifth grade

"So that if we’re in something, if something goes bad and something goes wrong, the community will help us after we help them and so that we can make our school better to be at."Katie ~ Lukah Kincaid, fifth grade