Need a low-cost loan for a crucial project? Make sure you don’t pay more than you have to There’s no getting away from the fact that we’re already in a whole heap of debt. The latest figures from debt charity StepChange suggest those seeking help with unsustainable, problem debt have unsecured personal borrowing of £13,799 […]

A publicly-traded pharmaceutical company in New Jersey returned a $4.8 million coronavirus-relief loan it had planned to use to retain its 219 employees. Executives decided that guidance from federal officials suggested no public company would qualify for the aid. But in Oregon, a publicly-traded technology firm with 200 employees decided to keep its $5 million

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Scheer says loan program falls short of what Canada’s oil and gas sector needs The federal government is offering bridge financing for big Canadian businesses across all sectors to help them keep employees on the payroll through the pandemic, but there are conditions attached — including a requirement that companies receiving the loans disclose their environmental plans. The large

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